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Are you experiencing sleepless nights worrying about IT security threats?
We’ll help you navigate a treacherous security landscape.

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to your organization's capital and earnings.

It's an important process because it empowers your business with the necessary tools so that you can proactively identify and deal with potential threats (or optimize potential opportunities) in your organization.

Our experienced risk management consultants can work with you to create a risk assessment so you clearly know where your vulnerabilities are so you can take action proactively. 


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

What would you do if every one of your documents were suddenly encrypted and ransomed by a hacker? What impact would that have on your organization and your reputation if your vital client records were compromised? 

Learn how we can help protect you with the most modern tools to ensure you never have to confront the sad reality of a crippling ransomware attack. Learn more.


Industry Regulatory Compliance

It doesn’t matter what a company’s size or industry is, all businesses need to adhere to specific regulations and laws as a part of their operations. Regulatory compliance deals with a lot of guidelines that organizations must follow by law.

Every industry has its own unique compliance requirements and failure to meet them can open you up to significant legal and financial liability.

Gray Leaf assists you with protecting the reputation and resources of your business so you will maintain trust with vendors, prospects, and customers.


IT Governance

Your organization exists to deliver value to your customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.

Ineffective governance has a substantial impact on business alignment and risk management. Misalignment can result in improper identification of sensitive data, critical services, and substandard security controls. Additionally, impaired alignment between the enterprise and IT weakens communication and priorities, resulting in poor allocation of resources and a lack of transparency in actual risk reduction.

Gray Leaf can help you to create a set of principles, definitions, and a high-level framework that you can use to better align your use of IT with organizational decisions and meet your legal, regulatory, and ethical obligations.


Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure is most commonly used to refer to technology assets, including computers, networking systems, and cloud resources — both hardware and software.

The concept of infrastructure security includes not only protection from a traditional cyberattack but also protection from natural disasters and other calamities. It also concerns the topic of resilience, which considers how an enterprise recovers from an attack or other disruption. 

Gray Leaf will guide you to the modern way of thinking about the protection of the entirety of your technology perimeter. 


With decades of experience, Gray Leaf helps you streamline and grow your business with the right technology decisions



We work together to make sure we’re focusing time and energy on the right problems.



We make recommendations for optimizing your business, and build your IT system the right way.



You now have a modern, secure, and growing business that you can be proud of.

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Processes can make or break a business, and technology can be integral to refining the ways your company runs. Without a robust and secure system you may be working and progressing slower than you’d like.

We find technology solutions to help your business run more efficiently, stay protected from cyber threats, and discover data that leads to better decision-making. And while a solid plan is always important, we think being able to respond to change is crucial to succeeding.

We do our best work collaboratively, because without a good relationship a strong partnership isn’t possible. While we’re the tech experts, we don’t expect our clients to be, and we always take the time to explain things in terms you can understand.

If you’re feeling limited by your current situation, call us today to start a new chapter for your company and be empowered to reach new levels of success.

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