Quite simply, it works.

Transparency and collaboration with the product owner (client) are the cornerstones of what makes our method consistently successful. It's hard to predict the unknowns and everything you may need, but can’t quite envision, in the beginning.

This method of collaboration inherently produces exactly what you want because you are working with us for the duration of the project. Seeing deliverables quickly and iteratively through sprint cycles puts a product in your hands on a regular basis. This is low risk and low cost because you control the spending. We prioritize your most important needs first and fail early which allows us to change course faster.


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Deliverables every sprint cycle

Grooming the backlog allows us to prioritize your needs and develop the things most important first. As the product owner, you choose what goes into every sprint and what will be developed. You see the estimate for each "card" and decide whether you want to proceed or not. This allows you to control the burn rate and follow your budget. At the end of the sprint during the review we'll demo the work completed and plan for the next sprint. 

Deliverables in hand every cycle.



A project management board that is easy

As project managers we use tools such as Trello to manage each sprint. It is an easy to follow tool that allows product owners full transparency into every aspect of the project. Estimated costs are clearly shown on each item so clients can keep budgets in view. Product owners are invited to their project board so the project status is always at their finger tips. 


A organized foundation that proves successful

Our management strategy has proven itself very successful because it has a very solid foundation. We've built it on core principles that provide transparency and easy to understand processes. The process incorporates feedback loops to develop business class products that are exactly what you want.


What is Agile?

The best way to describe agile is like having a skateboard and moving your way up to a car. You want to continuously grow with each step, from a skateboard to a scooter to a bike and eventually a car. This can correlate with one of your projects. You want to be interested in the end results, but seeing the progress and being able to use the solution along the way will help smooth out any issues or changes that may be needed. Issues or changes you may not even be aware of.

We like to steer away from the waterfall approach as we find it doesn't meet your needs as much as it does our own convenience. With waterfall, you will only reach the car once we are done and never see the scooter or bike in the process. Seeing those steps are essential to building the product you REALLY need. Our goal is to ensure we meet your needs along the way as well as at the end. Most importantly, you don't know what you don't know. You'll find there are many things you'll want to change or alter as the process progresses. Our method allows you to grow and learn with your project so that by the end you'll have a product that exceeds your expectations and precisely fits your business needs. 

photo credit: Henrik Kniberg

How will you reduce our business costs?

The proper way of doing project management is by delivering value early so we can see the future more clearly. Our agile project management style will reduce the cost for projects as we will be collaborating together to deliver what you want to see the most. Being transparent and staying collaborative will help keep the focus on what you need rather than spending tons of money on ideas that may or may not be beneficial. Ideas that you will most certainly change and alter.

Our method puts the burn rate in your hands so you control exactly what we're developing and what you're spending on that development. Remember, as the product owner you're involved and you're seeing deliverables every sprint cycle. This collaboration allows you to put your money directly into what you want to developed, your business priorities, and produces something tangible each cycle. 


What if our company doesn't currently use an agile mindset?

The best thing about agile is the collaboration that goes on in-between stages. Even if your company doesn't currently use agile, we are the ones that will be dealing with the Agile aspects of the project management process. Here, we will collaborate and offer transparency with our work so that we can communicate the entirety of the length of the project life-cycle. 


Chat with us about how we can successfully manage your next project.

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