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The Gray Leaf Tech Talk - What We Do

Posted by Richard Stephens on Apr 7, 2021 10:44:57 AM

Gray Leaf focuses on three things we do really well: IT consulting, project management, and development. In this podcast John and Richard chat about these areas and how each area provides our clients everything they need to accomplish their strategic business goals.

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The Gray Leaf Tech Talk - Myles Keough of Spade Technology

Posted by Richard Stephens on Jun 25, 2020 4:24:49 PM



John Laub, CEO of Gray Leaf Technology Consultants chats with Myles Keough, CEO of Spade Technology Inc., a managed service provider in the Providence, RI and Boston, MA area. They chat a bit about Myles and how his career path has lead him to where he is today. How Spade is much more than a "managed service provider". They like to refer to themselves as business consultants that know a great deal about technology. Spade pushes to emphasize efficiency. Not only for their clients but also internally. They are the "911 force" for each and every client they serve.

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The Gray Leaf Tech Talk: John and Richard of Gray Leaf

Posted by Richard Stephens on May 29, 2020 2:10:31 PM


The guys at Gray Leaf chat about IT consulting and using their experiences to help others with their information technology needs.

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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offerings by Gray Leaf Technology Consultants

Posted by Richard Stephens on May 29, 2020 1:57:24 PM


John Laub from Gray Leaf Technology Consultants joined Stuart Crawford, MSP Marketing professional to talk about their solutions and how MSPs can deliver the most robust vCIO services.

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