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Outdated IT systems hold many companies back from reaching their potential. Gray Leaf collaborates with you to develop a solid strategy to improve your technology and unleash your company’s potential.

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Outdated IT systems can be a drag on operations and growth

We realize how frustrating it can be when your team isn’t working as efficiently and productively as you need. Having outdated technology impacts workflow and business growth, and leaves you exposed to security threats that harm your company.


Gray Leaf takes a holistic approach to strategizing and developing your IT

Strategic Consulting

We manage and secure your environment to protect you from cyber threats with a bit of artificial intelligence and lots of experience.

But the beauty is in how we do it and the processes that we've created to ultimately help your business grow. 

Let's start identifying your blind spots and uncovering helpful data that will allow us to guide your company toward the future with a solid plan for growth.

Managed Services

Improve operations and cut expenses by partnering with us to manage and secure your infrastructure.

Our proactive approach means we strategically solve your IT problems so costs become more predictable month to month.

Security & Compliance

Security solutions can be challenging and costly to build in-house. Manage your IT risk, and implement governance and better practices. Be confident your organization is in regulatory compliance in your industry.

Let us help you manage your security and compliance so you can focus on what you do best. Let's chat about how. 

Cloud Services

Working in the cloud is safe and secure.

But even better, there are lots of benefits available to help your business to run more efficiently, be more productive, save costs, and more importantly...grow!

Automate processes that waste valuable time, improve internal communication, and uncover buried data that will allow you to make better decisions. We can show you how. 

Custom Application Development

When you need something created that's unique to your business, have the confidence you're addressing the right problems and leverage our experts to help you grow.

You might have unique needs. Lets us help you choose the right solution. 

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Jeffery Sedgwick

The team at Gray Leaf is phenomenal to work with. Partnering with them means knowing that we're genuinely and consistently going to get the best advice. Their approach to project management and software development are why they are my go-to consulting firm. I couldn’t ask for a better team of professionals to provide the solutions that work uniquely for my business.

Ray Steen
CSO, MainSpring Inc.

Gray Leaf was recommended to us after we had exhausted all other options. We came into the partnership with a lot of questions unanswered and some confusion surrounding what we really needed. During our first meeting, Gray Leaf spelled out how they worked, what we could expect, and what the ultimate goal was for our project.

Throughout the entire process, there was someone there to answer my questions. Working with my project manager was a breeze and he was able to keep us informed of what to expect, when to expect it, and the estimated cost to our firm.  We look forward to our platform evolving and know that when it is needed, Gray Leaf will be there to help take it to the next level.

Suzanne Stewart
Ops Manager

Collaborating with Gray Leaf to develop a Disaster Recovery plan was something my company had long needed, but it was also one of the best decisions my team has made. The collaboration and transparency are by far some of the best I’ve seen from a technology company. Each sprint meeting was pivotal to ensuring that both partners were mutually supportive, engaged, informed, and committed to success of the project.

Because of their consulting expertise we identified key issues that need to be anticipated, thoughtfully addressed, and documented in order to respond quickly to disruption of our work processes. Not only do I feel better prepared to face challenges (both known and unknown), but also confident that my successor will inherit a clearly defined set of responses to such challenges right from the start. We maintain a successful partnership and a job exceptionally well done to the Gray Leaf team!

Jeffery Sedgwick, Ph.D., Executive Director
Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA)

"Gray Leaf was very responsive, patient and a great communicators. I must have asked them dozens of questions (sometimes more than once) and they were always very positive and helpful. Their approach to project management was something new to me but now I'm implementing it within my own organization.

We've worked on multiple projects with Gray Leaf and they are my go-to team. The partnership has helped us ways I never imagined. Their expertise has grown our business and positioned us to have a very bright future."

Carrie Miller
Client Relationship Manager

With decades of experience, Gray Leaf helps you streamline and grow your business with the right technology decisions.



We work together to make sure we’re focusing time and energy on the right problems.



We make recommendations for optimizing your business, and build your IT system the right way.



You now have a modern, secure, and growing business that you can be proud of.

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Why partner with Gray Leaf?

Processes can make or break a business, and technology can be integral to refining the ways your company runs. Without a robust and secure system you may be working and progressing slower than you’d like.

We find technology solutions to help your business run more efficiently, stay protected from cyber threats, and discover data that leads to better decision-making. And while a solid plan is always important, we think being able to respond to change is crucial to succeeding.

We do our best work collaboratively, because without a good relationship a strong partnership isn’t possible. While we’re the tech experts, we don’t expect our clients to be, and we always take the time to explain things in terms you can understand.

If you’re feeling limited by your current situation, call us today to start a new chapter for your company and be empowered to reach new levels of success.

The right technology decisions will help unleash your company’s potential

Gray Leaf helps you modernize your IT 
and streamline your business

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