• Collaboration
  • File versioning
  • Automatic backups
  • Golden copy
  • Business automation
  • Custom workflows
  • Textual searching
  • Internally and external sharing
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Integration with Microsoft
          products including Teams
  • Government level security compliance

SharePoint is a document managing tool that is great for not only managing your documents, but also giving your company a space to collaborate. SharePoint online offers the ability to work and share on papers and projects together within the same area. 

Gray Leaf will show you the many benefits the SharePoint management platform can give you and the positive impact it can have for your business. Other document management tools exists, but SharePoint will provide you and your organization next level benefits. 

benefits of shrepoint

What can SharePoint offer?







There are many benefits to using SharePoint online. Below are just a few of the immediate benefits you will get with SharePoint. Business automation with workflows and other tools are advanced customized features that SharePoint offers to help you streamline and automate your everyday tasks. 

Cloud Based 

One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint Online is it’s based on the cloud. That means it can be accessed anywhere, at any time; all you need is a web browser. This is especially useful for access on mobile devices. Using the cloud also means it grows as you do. and it reduces the likelihood of loss or damage to your data as you no longer need to rely on physical servers to house all your information that could be physically damaged. SharePoint Online also benefits from always being up-to-date and receiving new features first.

Take-your-customizations-to-the-cloud_PostHeader-01Hosting your files in SharePoint give you and your organization the features of the cloud.
Your team will be able to manage, edit, co-author, and provide everyone the 
comfort of knowing its all secure and backed up. 

File Backups

Because its cloud based SharePoint offers you backup capabilities that are easy and out of the box. You don’t have to worry about losing documents by accident. Or even when they are deleted on purpose. SharePoint offers multiple levels of recycle bins that will keep those files so you may go back and restore them.  


Speaking of versions, SharePoint Online automatically keeps a handy version history of documents. Not only is this useful for rolling back to an earlier version, should you need to, you can also see who has contributed to the document over time. This is just another way SharePoint Online makes collaboration among colleagues that bit easier. 

Document Collaboration 

What’s more, colleagues can work collaboratively on the same document at the same time, which saves generating multiple versions and getting lost in them. You can see a live feed of who is in the document with you and refresh it to see the changes they’ve made. SharePoint Online also lives up to its name by making file sharing as easy as clicking a button, so you can invite others (internal or external) to edit the document you’re working on. 

004-1SharePoint allows your team access to files and tools from anywhere they
need to work. The home, the office, or while on travel. The foundation SharePoint
Provides give you and your organization the tools to work remotely.

Golden Copy 

SharePoint hosts the golden copy for all your documents. Meanwhile, SharePoint also allows every user to edit and make changes to that document through SharePoint online, through software local to your machine or while on your mobile device. You’re always working from or syncing with the main document hosted in SharePoint, and because its hosted in SharePoint you never have to worry about losing the document! 

Sharing Documents 

Share documents internally and externally easily. SharePoint allows you to share a link to the golden copy to allow others to read and/or edit your document through various permissions you control. Sharing documents have never been so easy.  

42c4d4ca-652d-4a14-ad07-7303c7740dbcManage your files directly in your local file explorer on your windows machine. Copy and paste
from local shared drives to your OneDrive for Business folders easily and effortlessly.
SharePoint manages the "golden copy".

Searching Documents 

Searching for the document you need exactly when you need it is incredibly handy. As with any portal that has many users, it can sometimes be difficult to find content, especially in large sites. SharePoint’s search engine has evolved massively over various iterations and is now an incredibly powerful asset in aiding users in discoverability. It can index a whole host of content, from the obvious documents and files to the more unexpected, including people and even external content. The SharePoint search engine is also dynamic and will adjust the ranking of search results based on user interactions, ensuring users always get the most relevant results. 


OneDrive for Business

Use your local file explorer to manage the documents hosted in SharePoint without even having to sign into your browser. With your local explorer, you can open and edit your SharePoint documents and have it saved right back to SharePoint! Say goodbye to local storage with OneDrive for Business. This allows you to save and sync files to SharePoint Online, essentially uploading to the cloud. OneDrive reduces the need for local storage space and ensures you can access documents wherever and whenever. This eliminates the inconvenience of saving something to your desktop where no one can access it. You can also control individual permissions on OneDrive if you want to share your documents with specific colleagues only. 


Integration with Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s alternative to Slack, and is underpinned by the technologies of Office 365 (SharePoint, Outlook, Planner, Skype etc.). At a Team’s heart lies a SharePoint modern team site, which stores any documents related to the Team. However, this site can be extended to do so much more with the combination of SharePoint modern pages and the SharePoint Framework (SPFX) to create pages with rich functionality, which can then be surfaced within a Team. 

Integration with Microsoft Office 

As it is a product of Microsoft, it’s designed to work effortlessly with Office 365. So, if you use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word or Outlook consistently, it makes things that much easier. It also gives you the option of quickly editing documents in your browser or opening them locally on your desktop. No matter which option you choose, the changes will be saved in the cloud. 


Office 365 and SharePoint offer a few different ways you can configure your tenant for optimal security, in addition to the out of the box security already applied. By using the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature of Office 365, you can identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information across Office 365 to comply with NIST 800-171. The DLP feature in O365 enables you to identify stored documents that contain credit card numbers. Prevent your users from accidentally sharing confidential information with those outside the company. Helps users stay compliant without interrupting their workflow. Unlike a simple text scan, the DLP feature leverages deep content analysis to perform keyword matches, dictionary matches, the evaluation of regular expressions, internal functions, and other methods to detect content that matches your DLP policies. 


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Why am I always buried under paper copies that are just going to be shredded and trashed?
Moving towards cloud-based technology, such as SharePoint, paper copies are a thing of the past. You can share, collaborate, edit, and much more all over the convenience of the internet. Your documents will be stored securely at all times whenever a save is made, so that you never have to worry about losing a document again! 

How am I supposed to work with others?
A good document management solution will enable close collaboration and allow you to work on documents simultaneously so that you can see group edits in real time. You should also be able to easily and securely share documents with others inside and outside your organization. SharePoint offers a secure and dynamic location to collaborate with colleagues without the need of physical copies. 

What about security and privacy?
A properly configured document management solution will be more secure than locking away paper copies that will ultimately have to be shredded. With features like two factor authentication and encryption on platforms trusted by the government security agencies, your data is safe. SharePoint offers a secure location to store and access documents wherever and whenever. 


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