Disaster Recovery Planning.

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Your business is doing fantastic, profit margins are perfect, and you're looking to upgrade your business to the next level. One of your staff clicks on a link in an email phishing attack. the attackers take control of all your systems and encrypt every file on your network. You're left with absolutely nothing and you feel hopeless.

How do you recover from this? 

Enter Gray Leaf. We will collaborate with you to determine what went wrong, prioritize the different risks within your business, and help you not only maintain what you have left but make it our goal to ensure this does not happen again. 


Chat with us about creating a disaster recovery plan that will prepare you to weather any storm.

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How do I prepare? How will I mitigate a disaster? How much will it cost
my organization? Can I prevent these disasters? Let us help you figure that out.


What kind of disasters should I be worried about recovering from?

Data breaches, ransomware, natural disasters, and so many other potential catastrophic events can take place that will disrupt your business. Being prepared is the first step to a preventing a prolonged disruption, but being without a disaster recovery plan is like asking to go out of business. Review some of the most common disasters businesses have to navigate.

Do I really need a plan, or can I bounce back if I just keep pushing forward?

As with most things in life, the more prepared you are the better the outcome. Smaller businesses have much more to lose. Having the optimal infrastructure to rebuild after a disaster hits is important for any small business. However, 75% of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan objectives in place. Without a disaster recovery plan, you re inviting disasters to take everything from you and your business. Bouncing back may not be an option.

How much will downtime costs you?

How can I prevent these disasters from happening?

Gray Leaf can prepare you for every step of the process. We will work with you and develop a plan that is specifically tailored to your business. Giving you the peace of mind that you're able to attack any disaster head on. We will give you all of the direction you need to focus on your business and return to ops normal as soon as possible. Check out Disaster Recovery Planning section that details everything about our process!

Nothing has happened in the past, so why should I be worried?

No one decides when a disaster will take place. The real question is do you want to take the chance of not being prepared. Having a plan supports and protects your company in the case a disaster does occur. It will give your organization and business executives peace of mind. Gray Leaf will collaborate with you to create a plan that plans for disasters in a way that gets you back to operating normally and with as little interruption as possible.

Disasters will come in many different shapes and sizes. A breech in your
security from a ransomware attack can be one of the most dangerous
and costly disasters for your organization. Protecting your self is important, but
how will you recovery?

Chat with us about creating a disaster recovery plan that will prepare you to weather any storm.

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Networks and data access can be knocked out without warning by natural and man-made disasters. You can’t stop them all from happening of course, but with a good disaster recovery plan, you can be better prepared for the unexpected. 


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Data loss can be scary and has serious financial implications. Downtime can occur and cause your organization dearly. Something as small as an employee opening an infected email or as significant as a natural disaster. The point is they happen and you need to be ready.

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Hardware failure is the number one cause of data loss and/or downtime.

According to Dynamic Technologies, hardware failures cause 45% of total unplanned downtime. Followed by the loss of power (35%), software failure (34%), data corruption (24%), external security breaches (23%), and accidental user error (20%).


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Human errors account for 52% of data breach incidents.


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