Our Automated Security Awareness Program trains your employees to detect phishing emails by sending simulated phishing attacks to users. These simulations will test the user's knowledge on what to look for in these emails and enhance their security awareness. We will test your users, enroll them in training programs to keep them up-to-date on current phishing trends, and help you strengthen your last line of defense: your staff. 

It is difficult to see how big the business of cyber threats really is without being a part of it. This is why we offer a free evaluation for your organization to determine how well you and your staff would do in a simulated environment. This gives you the opportunity to weigh the benefits before committing to anything. 

This free evaluation will send a simulated phishing email attack to your staff. With the ability to select up to 100 employees you will be able to see not only how many users are susceptible to attacks, but also how many of your users are prone to clicking on email links. It is important to know who is actively protecting your company and data. 

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What You Need to Know

71.4% of targeted attacks involved the use of spear-phishing emails? 

Spear phishing is the act of sending emails or other means of communication disguised as a familiar source, such as a friend or family, that include links and files with viruses attached. If the source initially looks familiar you are more likely to click on links within the email that could expose your business and your organization. 

Potential losses with these attacks can include:

- Finances

- Documents

- Personal information

Phishing attacks are most effective when:

- Staff are not trained 

- Passwords are weak 

- Emails are not being monitored 

- Passwords are not being managed (password manager) 

- Data is not being backed-up (cloud services) 

Phishing attacks include phone calls, emails, text messages, and any other ways people communicate. These attacks usually include some type of file or link that will potentially install some sort of malware or virus on your computer. These attacks specialize in stealing data from employees and companies. 

Our automated security-awareness program can help you protect your organization and it's data. What we offer is training to turn your staff into phishing subject matter experts. Your staff will have the tools to protect themselves and more importantly your business. 


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Why do my employees keep clicking on fake email links?

In most cases, employees are not trained specifically in the art of detecting phishing scams. These scams are looking to get vital information from a person or company to wreak havoc on files and funds. Our security awareness program will give your employees the training necessary to deal with these attacks to have a more secure work environment. 

Why is security awareness important?

In a technological world, security awareness is very important. As more businesses transfer their documents and files online there is more of a need for security than 5 years ago. Our security awareness program will get your company kitted with the necessary resources to gradually overcome the threats online. 

Why do I keep finding an excess amount of fake phone calls, emails, and text messages come into the workplace?

The more links clicked, phone calls answered, and emails opened the more attacks that will be sent out. These phishing attacks get smarter and smarter the more people who fall for them. The links that are clicked get stored in these scammers databases and are reused thousands of times to unsuspecting individuals. Our security awareness program will train your staff to avoid falling for these threats and help improve your company's overall cyber risk through the use of incremental training modules. 

How can I prevent losing profits from these phishing attacks?

Employees are the last line of defense for phishing attacks, so without the proper knowledge they will fall for these scams one after another. This will create an opportunity for company funds to be stolen and files to be corrupted. The phishing industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry and will resort to anything to harm your company. Our security awareness program will help reduce the possibility of falling for these attacks and minimize risk. 

What is the worst thing that could happen from clicking these links? 

Documents being stolen and encrypted, company funds being retrieved, personal information being stolen, and so on. Our security awareness program will test, train, and strengthen the abilities of your staff to see these attacks and minimize the risk of them doing any harm.