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Cloud Computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about their IT resources. 

Enterprise Content Management

Internal company communication slows when everyone is struggling to access the right and most up-to-date content needed to do their job effectively.

Instead of multiple and different versions of files being passed around via email, we’ll help you set up a professional and easy-to-use intranet providing you a secure space to manage internal documents and knowledge.

Your team will increase their productivity and efficiency with a simple and easy-to-use branded intranet service. Learn more


Enterprise Reporting

Many companies fail to make the best decisions simply because they lack the critical data needed to inform their decisions. Through our reporting, we often uncover “hidden data” that is too difficult or time-intensive to retrieve.

Our enterprise reporting uncovers buried data that allows you to make the best decisions. You’ll receive critical insights via interactive reports highlighting desired information, no matter where the data currently resides.

Find confidence in your decision-making by having the latest metrics at your fingertips with Enterprise Reporting.


Enterprise Backup

What happens to your data when there is a hacker, disaster, or accident? Enterprise Backup ensures your data is securely and regularly backed up in geo-redundant locations, helping your business avoid interruptions.

You’ll be confident your most crucial documents and knowledge assets are backed up, protected, and available whenever you need them.


Intelligent Automation

Many organizations are stifled with tedious, complex, and time-consuming tasks.

Software automation is able to alleviate time wasted on repetitive, tedious, and complex tasks.

Automation helps streamline your workflows and operations so you see increased productivity and efficiency across your organization.


Why partner with Gray Leaf?

Not all clouds are the same and not one type of cloud computing is right for everyone. Several different models, types, and services have evolved to help offer the right solution for your needs.

First, you need to determine the type of cloud deployment, or cloud computing architecture, that your cloud services will be implemented on. There are three different ways to deploy cloud services: on a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud.

We do our best work collaboratively, because without a good relationship a strong partnership isn’t possible. While we’re the tech experts, we don’t expect our clients to be, and we always take the time to explain things in terms you can understand.

If you’re feeling limited by your current situation, call us today to start a new chapter for your company and be empowered to reach new levels of success.

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