1. Business Technology Consulting
  2. What are the benefits of cloud technology?
  3. How should I organize my documents?
  4. How can I automate business processes?
  5. How can I build software or integrate software together?
  6. How can I create a dashboard?
  7. How can I use technology to manage my work?
  8. How can I collaborate better internally? 

Business Technology Consulting

If you’ve talked to an IT professional for more than ten minutes and asked a question, you’ve probably heard the answer “it depends.” And it’s true - the solution for one business challenge in one business is just that, one solution. Each challenge, even those that may look similar on the surface, can be different and each organization is different. This requires an agile mindset that can take valuable prior experience along with a flexible process and translate it into meaningful solutions built for your unique business challenges.  

And, to be honest, not every problem needs a highly technical solution. There may be options for low tech or no tech solutions that can meet a need. This is especially true when the complete challenge or the extent of the business issue isn’t fully known. Implementing something inexpensive, possibly even manual, and observing the outcome may inform a much better ultimate solution than building something complex from the start.  

Technology also isn't just ensuring that your employees are equipped with the latest must-have hardware or software gadgets, it is a differentiator for your business that touches everything from the client experience to staff retention. If you want to stay relevant in the market today, your business and IT must collaborate. You must be able to work together to align priorities and create shared goals. Gray Leaf business technology consultants can help you get there. Not only can we improve security, resilience, and reduce your spending on IT, we can work with you to develop improved ways for the business to collaborate with IT and creatively deliver valuable insights. Today’s business must leverage IT to harness data and ensure that staff has any time, anywhere access so that you can get the most out of your technology investments.

What are the benefits of cloud technology?

Have you ever shopped at a warehouse club and found a great deal on a large quantity of a product for the home? Maybe five gallons of olive oil? Did that purchase work out well? Were you able to get all the value out of that purchase without waste? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not. Your business can end up doing something similar with IT. Purchasing large servers, storage arrays, and software products that have a limited shelf life before they need to be replaced or upgraded can end up much the same. Perhaps you didn’t need all the power that hardware/software offered or perhaps you needed more, but regardless, you’re stuck with what you bought or an expensive retrofit. The cloud can offer an attractive alternative to this cycle of buying. Pay for only what you need, when you need it on a monthly basis. You can scale up or down and your business can respond to an ever-changing environment without fear of a server sized albatross around its neck.  

The cloud also pays dividends in accessibility for employees and resilience for your business processes. Imagine your employees having access to critical files and data from a remote laptop or their phone any time they need it, even without an internet connection! This is the same concept that drives increased resilience. A prolonged power outage or facility damage that disrupts your business can be handled much more readily when your information resides in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

How should I organize my documents?

I can easily find the most current version of a document whenever I need it - said no one ever Unless you’re using a document management solution architected by a team that understands documents and the way your organization uses them you might be struggling with document management. Gray Leaf works with organizations to understand how they use documents, where they use them, and what kind of document collaboration is needed. We can tailor a solution to fit your unique document management needs and make your documents cloud accessible on connected and disconnected devices.  

Many documents aren’t relegated to internal use only. How can you securely share these documents with authorized external partners? What if the file is too large to send via email? What if you need the external user to collaborate with you on a document? These and other challenges can be addressed with a comprehensive document management solution.

How can I automate business processes?

Every organization struggles with processes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many processes are workflows that can be automated - purchasing processes, attendance and leave processes, hiring processes, and so on. Most businesses have some manual or partially automated versions of these workflows that can be automated to ensure consistency, security, and speed of operation. How much time could your business save if routine processes were automated in a cloud-based workflow and accessible to everyone in your organization from anywhere?

How can I build software or integrate software together?

Gray Leaf consultants use technical expertise, real-world experience, and an independent, outside perspective to help our clients find the best solutions to their software challenges. Our services include software strategy, design, delivery, and process improvement, delivered with an understanding that, despite its technical nature, software development, integration, and maintenance is a creative, people-centric activity. We can assist your organization in both creating software tailored to your needs or integrating existing software in new and meaningful ways to accomplish business objectives.

How can I create a dashboard?

Have you ever driven a car without working instruments - no speedometer, no fuel gauge, no engine warning lights? Probably not. Nothing conveys important information quickly like a dashboard. How does management get a snapshot of where important business metrics stand without reading email updates or calling another meeting? A well designed, easily accessible dashboard can serve as a warning system to trigger early action within the organization. Gray Leaf can integrate disparate sources of data in the right tools to provide this early warning system.

How can I use technology to manage my work?

The modern workplace has expanded the demands on employees and the amount of diverse data that organizations must handle. How do you get your hands around email, documents, instant messaging, network drives, and various software systems? Focusing on common, off-the-shelf, cloud-based platforms can consolidate much of this diverse data into a single, consistent interface and authorization mechanism. Minimizing the amount of movement between a variety of systems can improve employee productivity and reduce the chances of error. Gray Leaf consultants can help your organization implement solutions to tame the “wild west” of content and systems.

How can I collaborate better internally? 

Moving quickly is the name of the game in today's evolving business environment. Organizations must be able to recognize challenges and opportunities and respond rapidly. Unfortunately, many corporations still struggle with data and document silos that must be eliminated, giving your organization the ability to provide an increasingly distributed, mobile and technologically enabled workforce with dynamic ways to share knowledge, communicate and engage. Gray Leaf can work with you to avoid collaboration chaos by understanding user behaviors and needs and then matching those needs with the correct tools. When users are provided the tools and training to collaborate in a meaningful way, it ensures a successful implementation and long-term user adoption.