Protect Your Employees From Phishing Attacks

Your employee receives an email from Amazon or UPS. They click on the embedded link, thinking they’re following it to track a package. When it won’t...

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Disaster Recovery Planning Is Exactly What You Need

Imagine this: one of your employees gets an odd email from an unfamiliar address. They open the email, read its contents, click on a link or...

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The Gray Leaf Tech Talk - Kyle Webb ASAP Chat

Richard Stephens, Vice President of Gray Leaf Technology Consultants, chats with Kyle Webb about the nature of ransomware attacks and why...

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How Is Covid-19 Affecting Cyber Security?

The year 2020 has not started with sunshine and rainbows. In fact, this year has possibly been the worst in the past 15 years or so in terms of the...

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Ransomware is BIG Business

If you think that is an overstatement, ask the city of Riviera Beach, Florida. The city council of Riviera Beach, Florida, unanimously voted to pay...

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