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Basing a Flow on Today's Date with Power Automate

Posted by Kyle Webb on Nov 10, 2020 12:22:12 PM
Kyle Webb

In this video we look at working through a Power Automate flow while allowing it to check conditions based on today’s date. Dates are a powerful thing in Power Automate as you can utilize them to keep a flow progressing or stop a flow from progressing. This comes in handy when dealing with requests made by users.

PowerApps is a great pair for Power automate in this case as you can allow a user to fill out a form, input some data, such as a date and time, and reference that data within Power automate. You can, then, use that data to structure the flow around the date and time.

Some things not covered in this video that you can do with dates are create approval request flows, notification reminders, and filter data sources based on specific date and time information within them. Dates are very useful as a pivot when dealing with a lot of data.


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