What Does Gray Leaf Do?

People often ask me, “what does Gray Leaf do?” I used to feel like Michelangelo trying to explain how he creates art – you really can’t understand it...

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Why Smart Businesses Outsource Their IT Needs

Technology plays a significant role in almost every industry. It has disrupted the way we live, work, interact and collaborate.

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Automate the Tasks That Limit Your Productivity

The other day in the office, my coworkers and I reminisced about the days before business automation. We laughed ruefully at the myriad hours spent...

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Protect Your Employees From Phishing Attacks

Your employee receives an email from Amazon or UPS. They click on the embedded link, thinking they’re following it to track a package. When it won’t...

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Disaster Recovery Planning Is Exactly What You Need

Imagine this: one of your employees gets an odd email from an unfamiliar address. They open the email, read its contents, click on a link or...

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