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About Us

Gray Leaf is a business consulting and technology solutions firm serving small and medium-sized commercial businesses and non-profits to develop solutions that fit. We also serve local county, state, and federal clients so we are very familiar with the inner workings and unique challenges of government. 

As an Agile development and solutions firm that specializes in customer-driven cloud business solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering top of the line customized products and solutions that streamline processes, making businesses smarter, automated, and more efficient – saving you time and money.

Who We Are

At a recent staff meeting, the phrase “radical honesty” was coined at Gray Leaf. A team member commented that one would not normally think of the word “honesty” needing the “radical” qualifier, but in today’s business world, it fits.

What does that have to do with technology or consulting you might ask? We say everything. If a business is to be anything, it must first be honest with its customers, its partners, and itself.

For nearly five years, Gray Leaf has endeavored to model that phrase built upon the foundation of our core values: integrity, respect, and excellence. We have served both commercial and not-for-profit organizations focusing on consulting with an agile mindset. With this mindset and radical honesty, Gray Leaf staff have delivered impressive solutions ranging from custom web applications to large SharePoint document migrations. Gray Leaf also employs strategic partners, held to the same standards, that can bring additional value to projects by providing specialized skillsets when needed.

Mission Statement:

To do the next best right thing for the client.

Vision Statement:

To create solutions that make a difference.


If you’re ready for an honest conversation about what technology can do for your organization, let's chat about it. 

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